7 top and appropriate features of the family zoo game

The family zoo is a place which is really liked by the people but the time had changed, and now the city wants to build a huge supermarket in place of that. The game is based on recreating the love of people towards forest and animal; they understand the surrounding and animal in a better way.

How to earn more coins for the game?

One had to solve casual puzzles, challenges, levels to earn more material and tickets. With that ticket, you get the opportunity to get enter into the zoo, and there you can restore the zoo. Also, you can easily decorate the gardens that are surrounding near the zoo and also to the animal habitats.

Build more homes for animals

You need to take help from your old as well as new friends to save the life of animals living in the zoo. You can also bring kept pet animals in the same place where the animals get the opportunity to meet with their old friends. So it is recommended to gain more and more tickets to build more homes for the animal. Family Zoo: The Story Hack is available for you, and you will get all the crucial items of the following game like coins and tickets for free.

Features of the game

One can build their own zoo by completing all match levels.

You can enjoy hundreds of challenging puzzles for the game.

You will get the opportunity to interact with the cute animals.

You can easily develop your own business as you can draw the attention of visitors and earn more coins for your game.

To advance the story, you had to complete searches to get more rewards and points.

To save the zoo, your main aim is to make more friends for the characters, which will help you further.

One can easily enhance their fun with the exploding watermelons and boosters.