To make appropriate deal with AppNana one should know everything about it. Everything here means that people should know AppNana is only developed for Android platform and it easily applicable in all types of Android devices. The app is launched by AppNana Rewards and its size changes according to devices.

Another main thing is that the app is totally free of cost which all users easily download and make use. In AppNana, users are provided with free gift cards. For the same, they have to perform various activities such as they have to watch videos, they have to download and try free apps, invite their friends too and also play lots of games.

Currency in AppNana

Currency in AppNana is present mainly in two forms. The first main type of currency is nanas and another major currency is keys. Both of them are earned by performing all the above mentioned tasks and activities. Yes, by performing all these tasks one can easily earn currency in the AppNana in both that are keys and nanas.

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