If you are playing the Mortal Kombat X, then you can easily get introduced to the importance of souls. It is the premium currency of the game, and it does not easy to gather the required funds. For such a task, everyone needs to put lots of efforts.

Most of the players are finding the best sources by which they can collect lots of souls in a short time period. In case you to want to gather a huge amount of souls then you have several options. I’m going to mention some important ways for such a task.

Daily missions

In the game, there are different types of the mission assigned to the players. Some missions are getting refreshed on a daily basis. These missions are helpful in earning a good amount of souls. There are total three missions are provided by the game.

Be a part of a ladder tournament

While playing the game, you are able to participate in different types of tournaments. For participating in these types of tournaments, you need to play with an alliance. The tournaments are organized for a specific time period. It does not fix that how many souls you will get at the end of a tournament.

Upgrade the fighters

For increasing the level of fighters, you need to upgrade the fighters first. It can be possible only by leveling up the characters. Whenever you level up a character, then you will get some rewards. These rewards are also including a good amount of souls. With it, the stats of your character gets improved and helps you in winning the fights easily.

Link game with console

If you are interested in making an additional amount of souls, then you should try to connect it with the console version. Connecting the game account with console helps you in unlocking some specific bonuses. These bonuses are also provided in the form of premium currency (souls) so if you want get by trying MK X Hack.