The game MK PS4 dishes out the player with new blows ad fatalities of legendary with more advanced graphics and animations. Fighting fond player can have new types of experience with next gen gaming as the game has entered with new roster fighters who are more powerful and stronger than ever before.

Player of the game has various challenges as well as rewards to level up and prove his worth in the fighting game of MK PS4 including MK PS4 Hack feature which can be said fruitful for the player to unlock many things of the game and have useful tactics in the battles.

Creating team for Brutal Kombat

Player of MK PS4 game creates his team of mortal Kombat fighters and warriors and sends them by guiding them to earn special attacking skills and powerful artifacts in the game. Player can get massive veterans such as Johnny Cage, Sub-Zero, Kotal Khan who is bloodthirsty and Kung Jin known as mysterious person in the game.

Challenge fighters and X-Rays and Fatality

The player of the game can challenges other fighters to play and MK PS4 game has its trademark fatality with X-Rays with stunning graphics which was not possible before. Player can challenges in online Faction Wars and battles. Weekly rewards can be earned by the player.

Console and mobile game rewards to be unlocked

The player while playing exclusive series of the game can unlock rewards of the game with including ultra rarest character such as Klassic Kitana and Injustice Scorpion. When playing console game version player gets rewards and also can take help of MK PS4 Hack tool to get rewards. Player can also personalize the characters of the game with Gear, Skins, Intro, Abilities and Victory Cinemas.