Plants Vs Zombies 2: Uses of Coins

There are lots of shooting games were introduced in the recent world. PVZ 2 is a misleadingly basic shooter game that doesn’t mean it is oversimplified. Rather, Pop Cap Games sets its greenery against undead fauna in the game that, we said in our survey, blends “easygoing, animation style with an in-your-face, group-based multiplayer shooter.”

Earning coins

Before playing the game you need to know about earning the coins as it is based on gaining coins and unlock some important features. Some tricks are given below:

  • There is no need to get worried about earning coins. You can easily gain coins in Plant Vs Zombies 2 by playing faster than others.
  • The sunflower is a plant in the game which generates the coins you can make this flower safe and gain some coins.
  • There is a golden magnet in the game, try to take it because it will help you in collecting more coins.
  • In the whole game there are two types of coins: one is gold and another is silver. Both have different values like gold have 100$ whereas silver has 10$.

How the coins are beneficial for the game?

As we have discussed in the above paragraphs about the earning of coins. In the whole game, coins play a major role whether it is from the aspect of buying something or winning aspects. By completing a single level you will earn only 50 coins. The coins are used for purchasing different powers and upgrade the plants. In the game, there are more currencies which are also helpful but through the coins, you can buy anything for winning the battle.

So, there are some aspects about earning the coins and uses of coins in the Plant Vs Zombies 2.