Everyone may know the fact that there are plenty of games present that you can play in order to spend your free time in a great way. If you love to play city building games then the name that comes to the mind is Simcity Buildit. The game has different storyline and concept which allow you to have unlimited fun and enjoyment. This is a single player game but you can also take advantages of some multiplayer functions in order to have an ultimate game experience. There are also some in-game resources present that are required for various purposes in the game. If you are beginner then you will get 25000 simoleons and 50 simcash in the starting of the game. With the help of these currencies, you can complete some challenges and you can also earn more resources for moving to the next stages of the game or with simcity buildit cheats 2019.

Information for beginners

If you are a beginner then surely you can do mistakes while playing the game. In this situation, you have to understand the basics of the game and this can help you to gain more knowledge about the game. You should know properly about the different aspects of the game whether it is related to constructing various buildings or to placing them. Players who are thinking that they just need to construct different structures and buildings in the city so they are not going on a right path. They should know the fact it is also necessary to provide best services like electricity, water and much more. For availing the best services, you should also need to maintain your capacities which are also not easy. Beginners can also take assistance from some online strategy guides in order to improvise their performance in the game.

Residential buildings

If we talk about this game then it is a known fact that players have to play the role of the mayor of their cities. They also need to construct residences in their city to increase the population. You can do it with ease after upgrading the residential buildings. You should always keep maximum 31 residential buildings in your city in order to maintain the population in your city. This is also important provide best services to all the citizens to make them happy. Well, there are many players who don’t know that they can easily check out the happiness of their citizens. There is a smiley face present in the left corner of the screen and its color will show you the happiness of the citizen. If the color is green then it means the population of the city is happy otherwise you have to make efforts.

Moving further, if you are starting a new construction task related to the residential building then you can earn currencies. You should also focus on upgrading the buildings instead of constructing them in order to collect enough currency and also to get lots of advantages. it is also important for the players to keep some vital facts in their mind while playing the game.